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In the competitive U.S. job market, it pays to stay on top of your game with the right information. For job seekers that means current and accurate salary information that is relevant to your area, employer and level of expertise. It also means having the right training, certification and professional development techniques. is more than a comprehensive salary information resource for U.S. workers. The aim is to equip you with all the details you need to know to choose the right career path and flourish in it. For those who are just starting to think about building a career, or those who are looking for a change, this is a good place to start. Read our comprehensive salary and education pages to find out what job will suit you personally and fit your lifestyle requirements. If you are currently working in your field of choice but dealing with salary negotiations, it is vital to know your worth. Get the latest figures applicable to your position to maximize your chances of success. The blog area also covers a range of professional development topics. There are essential job hunting, CV and interview tips, for landing the position you want, as well as advancement strategies to move forward once you get there. Also featured are the latest developments in the economic and political scene as it affects jobs, salary rates and workers. The website and blog is a comprehensive resource for all U.S. citizens who wish to further their career and life with good employment strategies.